Best Winter Destinations for the Healthy and Sports Minded Travelers

The cold winter months mean a couple of things. One, the days are shorter and it’s easier to lock yourself inside. Two, holidays come with celebrations and celebrations come with a lot of food, so we typically eat more this time of year. And three, the winter months make for a great time to take a vacation! Whether you want to escape the snow and cold to go further south, or don’t get to see much snow and want to try skiing this year, the holiday season makes for the perfect time to do so. Here are a couple suggestions if you want to get away.

Colorado Rocky Mountains

The Colorado Rocky Mountains are some of the highest and biggest mountains in North America. Starting at a little over a mile higher than sea level, many of the Colorado Rockies’ biggest peaks reach well over 14,000 feet. You can decide to do it like the stars and spend your time in Aspen or Vail, skiing, snowshoeing, shopping and eating at the best restaurants, or take the rugged path and do a back country hike and camp. Do your research though, because you’ll definitely want to go with a trusted guide service. Regardless of what you choose to do or where you go, the Colorado Rockies offer endless opportunities to experience something not many get to.

Southern Utah

The redstones and arid climate of southern Utah make it one of the most unique and amazing places in the United States. Being winter it will still be relatively cold, but without much or any snow. Visit for a new pair of trail running shoes, get a few different layers together, and hit the road for some amazing scenery and great running trails. If you get there at the right time of the year, the mountain biking is to die for. Look for some trails with natural hot springs along the way for a nice relaxing way to warm up and take in the sights.

The Florida Keys

If cold weather, snow and ice are not your thing, you can always head the other direction. Go as far south as south goes in the United States and spend a week scuba diving and swimming in the Florida Keys. Enjoy the Caribbean climate without even leaving the country. If you search for the right deals on airlines and which airport to fly to, you can get a Caribbean vacation for a fraction of the cost.