Sanity Tips for Amusement Parks

Who doesn’t love a trip to an amusement park? Well, the truth is there are plenty of folks that consider heading out to a theme park packed with rides intended to scare the heck out of you as more a punishment than fun. But millions of families can’t be wrong as they head out in droves for places such as the ever-popular Universal Studios Singapore for a day of fun and well, being thrilled and scared at the same time. Lots of families love them because they are one place where the whole family can holiday together. Looking for a way to keep your sanity and still enjoy the day at the park? Here are some pointers that should help.

Plan Ahead and Make a List

These two pretty much go together and will make the whole day much more enjoyable. Most amusement parks, especially the bigger ones, will provide you with a map when you enter. But the smart choice is to go online and look at the map to plan where you want to start, where you will take breaks and most important of all, where the bathrooms are located. Don’t forget to check and see if you can get discounted tickets ahead of time as well. In addition to many companies offering them (ask your HR department) there are discount websites that can get you deals.

While you are planning, make a list of what you want to bring on this day long journey. It should include a list of priority rides for each kid, a budget of what you intend to spend (and stick to it!) and alternative clothing for changing weather. Also, if you have little ones make sure they have your cell phone number written and attached to them. If they get lost they can then go to an amusement park attendant and get them to call you.

Swim Upstream

Most people who walk into an amusement park will start at the front and work their way into it. Arrive early, plan ahead (see above) and head straight to the far end of the park to start your day. This way you will be ahead of the curve on crowds and walking against the tide when working your way through the various zones and rest stops.

Control the Shopping

There are several ways you can plan to control those impulse purchases. One is to set a rule on just one treasure per family member and it must fit into the carry along bag. Some families have been known to make it a rule that the memento must be useful, such as a pen or pencil and not just a stuffed toy that will be forgotten in a month or two. T-shirts are often a good choice, though the truth is you can get just about any of the ones you see in the park at a store outside of it for cheaper. But it is the memories you are really buying so make rules before you go and have everyone stick to them, including the parents.

All in all, the best way to make sure you keep your sanity is to simply go along with the spirit of the place and have a good time. Yes, there will be long lines. If you are lucky it will be a grey day with scattered showers and that will shorten the lines a bit. Keep the spirits up while you wait, take plenty of breaks for snacks and keep in mind that soon enough those kids will be all grown up and not interested in taking a trip with the folks. Enjoy them, enjoy the day and bring home the best memories of all, their smiles at the end of the day.