Seven Reasons you Should Volunteer in Thailand

Thailand is one of the most famous countries volunteers will want to go. Travellers can register on projects geared towards nearly any interests including teaching English, working with animals and preserving nature. However, a lot of the perks of a volunteer experience actually come from the country’s unique characteristics. Below are the main reasons why Thailand is the best country to go if you want to be a volunteer.

See and Work with the Wildlife of Southeast Asia

Thailand is home to more than 39 wildlife sanctuaries that have tigers, leopards, Malaysian sun bears, tigers, snakes, tapirs, gibbons, turtles, more than 900 bird species and lizards. The Elephant Nature Park is one of the most famous places to volunteer in the country.


Explore Diverse Ecosystems

The country has more than 180 national parks, protected forest areas and marine national parks. In Chiang Mai, volunteers usually work with local wildlife or on reforestation projects. For volunteers interested in agricultural initiatives, the Eastern and Central Thailand are the best areas. And those who enjoy working with marine life or on beaches must go south.

Eat Thai Food

Usually, as a Thailand volunteer, you will be housed near your assignments and sometimes locally-prepared meals are inclusive of the volunteer trip price. Thai food in Thailand is very different from Thai food served in other countries, often because some ingredients are not available in places such as Europe and the U.S. International volunteers will eat the same Thai meals throughout the day.

Enjoy Unique Accommodation

Thailand has mountains, mangrove forests, beaches and jungles. A lot of volunteer programs offer housing, thus depending on the type of project you wish to get involved in, you may fall asleep to the sound of crashing waves, hoots of gibbons and birds setting in for the night. Living like the Thai people helps in building perspective and you will take such lessons home with you on your return.

Experience Culture Shock

About 95 percent of Thai population are Buddhist. Festivals in the country are also some of the coolest. People in Thailand are usually characterized as outgoing and very friendly. Despite the country’s political unrest, people who sign up for volunteer projects in the country are warmly welcomed.


Observe a Developing Economy Firsthand

The country has a fast-growing economy. Although it enjoys a minimal unemployment rate, there is still a low per-capita GDP of #5, 2010 and a lot of its citizens go overseas to find work. The lack of manpower and the ongoing economic development provide international volunteers the opportunity to be involved in productive work.

Benefit from a Great Exchange Rate

Although the plane tickets to the country can cost more than $900 round trip, volunteers will benefit from excellent exchange rate which comes with travelling in the majority of countries in Southeast Asia. A lot of budget travellers spend $30 per day on average if the international volunteer program already takes care of the meals, transportation and lodging.