Tips on Making a travel video with Movavi Video Editor

It is very hard to film a travel video that is perfect and without flaw. You won’t know if the travel video have any flaw until you have replay it on a video player. Movavi Video Editor has a video player where you can preview video that you film during your holiday trip to see if any editing is necessary. To create an interesting travel video, you should take as many footage as possible. If you are recording the audio footage, make sure they are just as good as the video footage that you shoot.

During editing the travel video, you must find the unwanted parts in the video. The unwanted parts in the video clip could be parts that are unnecessary or poorly shot. The unwanted parts can easily be removed by using the scissor tool in Movavi Video Editor. Trimming the unnecessary parts from the video will make it easier for you to edit it afterwards. To trim off the unnecessary parts in the video, you just need to move the red marker to anywhere on the video clip that you want to cut in the timeline. Pressing the scissor button will split the video clip right where the red marker is located. Get more details at the homepage.

If you are combining several travel video clips together, you can apply transition effect in between the clips to allow the scene to change from one to another in a subtle way. You can move the video clip to any spot on the timeline by dragging it with the mouse cursor. If you want the video clip to switch from one scene to another, you have to drag the video clips close to one another without leaving any space in between.

You can find the transition styles under the Transitions tab. When you want to preview a transition, you just have to select it and it will automatically play in the preview screen on the right. The transitions can only be placed on video clips. The best place to put the transition effect is in between two different video clips. You can play back the video to see how the transition effect look like on the video. You can press the undo short cut key,  Ctrl + Z to remove the transitions from the timeline so that you can try a different transition. You can also remove the transition by right clicking on it and selecting the Remove Transition option.

You can add a music track of your choice that match with the video content to increase the mood. You just have to drag the song tracks to the audio row with the musical note icon to blend them into the video. The scissor tool can be used to reduce the length of the audio track by cutting out the unwanted part. You must go to the audio properties if you want to tweak other parameters of the audio track such as volume, and speed. The final step is to press the Export button to save all the editing changes you make on the travel video.