European Accommodations You Will Love

Planning a trip for the entire family can be a combination of pratfall comedy and dark mystery. You can be caught trying to decipher the latest needs of your teen daughter while trying to find accommodation that won’t endanger an overactive toddler.

How can anyone expect to find the kind of accommodation that you need, without breaking the bank or your mind? While we can’t offer you parenting advice here, that is for other kinds of blogs, we can help out with the holiday planning. We have used the best minds we know (our kids and the neighbors kids) to suss out some great places to stay if you plan to explore the wilds of Europe as a family. Please keep in mind that no animals or children were hurt or exploited in the course of researching this post. That did, of course, limit what we could find.

Northern Europe

While Southern Europe has its charms, I have always found many of the countries in Northern Europe to be more accommodating to families like ours. We have five kids, and each of them have their own needs and desires. This makes coming to a consensus difficult if not impossible. But when it comes to accommodations we have found the purpose-built family-centric hotels such as the hotel apartments in Copenhagen to be the perfect solution to family holidays.

These little jewels of city-centered abode combine the best of the worlds of hotels and apartments with none of the downsides. Because they were envisioned as hotel apartments when they were designed and built, they are soundproof, practical and spacious enough to take all our family without crowding the bathroom in the morning. Well worth the trouble to check out and Copenhagen and all its wonders is simply an added bonus.

Southern Europe

Who doesn’t love Paris, at any time of year but especially in the late spring early summer before the crowds hit the streets? While I have enjoyed the romance of the Eternal City when I was first courting my wife, it has turned out to be a great destination for our family as well. With a number of amazing art and history museums to keep any art lover happy and parks scattered throughout the city for making sure your kids sleep well each night, it has something for everyone. But aren’t the hotels notoriously expensive?

Well yes, but who needs them when you can use Airbnb to find inexpensive houses to rent in the outlying districts? The Metro subway system in Paris works fabulously and when you use the maps feature for house hunting on the site you can find a place on the line that will be low-cost and yet handy. For us it is the only way to travel as a family to places like Paris, Rome or Madrid.

Eastern Europe

I know that many family vacations may not consider Eastern Europe as a destination, but the truth is the charm of these countries makes the extra travel time well worth the effort. Let’s just look at one nation, Estonia, as an example. With its Viking history and the 1994 recognition of Estonia as a nation, it is both an old country and a young one. Accommodations may be tricky, but the hotels are inexpensive and locals are helpful in finding guides to show off their beloved cities.

Wherever your travels do take you, be sure to count unexpected accommodations as part of the adventure of family travel. Bon voyage!