Hotel Safety Tips to Follow for Better Stay Experience

Daily responsibilities are very challenging, so it is necessary to go on a vacation and get revitalized. However, after choosing a preferred destination to go, you need to look for accommodation.

How to choose a hotel?

Choose accommodation like hôtel Chateau Bromont that focuses on offering safe environment to their customers. Make sure to avoid hotels near high crime areas, while travelling to a foreign land. A hotel with limited access reduces the possibility of trespassers entering.

Each room has peephole as well as dead-bolt lock on doors, adjoining doors, and windows. Telephone allows guests outside dialing. Internal hallways, grounds, and parking structures need to be well-lit.

Other safety features like smoke and fire detectors are necessary. A trained security officer at the gate or entry door also offers a sense of being protected.

Room selection

While selecting rooms ensure to avoid ground floor rooms opening near a parking lot. Hotels having interior hallways are generally safer. If all the rooms on high level are booked then choose one facing interior courtyard.

Rooms located between 4th and 6th floor offers maximum safety against outbreak of fire. Fire department ladders reach this maximum height.

Guestrooms near elevators are safe but noisy. Even check if the room is near vending machine because this too can be noisy.

Hotel arrival and checking safety

If you arrive by taxi or bus, stay near your luggage till it is carried inside the hotel lobby. While checking in it is crucial to keep eye on luggage or purse, especially when lobby is busy thieves can take advantage and steal your belongings.

Never leave credit card lying on check-in counter, while completing the registration process. Make sure that the clerk gives back the credit card.

Examine the room

After checking in your hotel room examine all the locks [doors, adjoining door, windows] to ensure its proper functioning. Check bathrooms and closets to ensure it is empty. Get to know how to make outside calls. Room key has to be placed by your bedside, always. It will be helpful, if you need the room in an emergency. Never keep the door open because anyone can walk in. An elder person in the group has to open the door to answer the knocks. Never allow strangers inside the room.

While you leave room to go sightseeing

Always ask the maid to clean the room, during breakfast. Leave ‘do not disturb’ sign to indicate you are in the room. When you go out keep valuables in the security vault provided in your room. Front deposit boxes are safe option for keeping your laptops. Make sure to use traveler’s checks, while travelling. Carry only minimum cash in your wallet. Avoid heavy jewellery just a simple ring or small chain is sufficient. Credit cards and travellers check has to be kept in separate pockets.

Travel safe to enjoy your hotel stay!